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The harvest festival: an unforgettable wine tourism experience

Wine harvest Priorat

  One of the best ways to learn anything  is to experience  it., and this also applies to the world of wine. Near Barcelona, dozens of vineyards open their doors for visitors to experience the harvest festival (the “vendimia“), when grapes are harvested to make wine, cava, spirits, … In Catalonia, the harvest festival takes… Read more »

Art & Wine

Blanc Grande

An Experience at Mas Blanc i Jove Winery, Lleida An excerpt from Manel Colmenero’s award winning book Rutas del Vino, Bodegas de España para visitar y recomendar. Very close to the monasteries of Poblet and Santes Creus, in the Conca de Barbera, near the olive groves of Les Garrigues in the last town of the… Read more »

Undoubtedly Spain

Spanish Food

The Best Country in the World to Eat It’s unpretentious. It’s laid back. It’s casual. It’s family style. It’s affordable. It’s delicious. It’s fresh. It’s local. “Where?” You may ask. It’s undoubtedly Spain’s cuisine, and according to Australian Traveller Magazine it’s the best country to eat in the world. Five of the world’s 20 best… Read more »

A Unique Experience for Wine Lovers

Representatives from Burgundy Wine Region

Representatives from Burgundy Wine Region in France visit FoodWineTours Just before the San Femin festivities, we encountered some truly brave bulls of the wine industry. Representatives from the Maconnaise district of the Burgundy Wine region in France wanted us to explain our company´s project and the virtues and inconveniences of the experiences market in Catalonia.… Read more »

On Wine and History

Lorenzo Manel

An Interview with Lorenzo de Medici It’s not every day you get to talk with a historical icon like a member of the Medici Family, but FoodWineTours’ Manel Colmenero had the privilege of speaking with Lorenzo de Medici on the radio program Tira Milles with Carmen Ayala:  A Space for Wines and Vineyards (El Espacio… Read more »