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Spanish Wine and Food pairings

Cheese tasting

The Mystery of Wine Pairings, Uncovered in Barcelona Wine has been a stable element of Spanish gastronomy since Roman times. Winemaking and culinary traditions have hence evolved together. However, the art of food and wine pairings is a relatively recent phenomenon, which seeks to enhance gastronomic experiences by understanding that texture and flavor in both… Read more »

Wine, Cava and Coca Tasting at Tours,Tapas and Friends

Wine, Cava and Coca Tasting at Tours, Tapas and Friends

In celebration of Sant Joan In celebration of Sant Joan, the Summer Solstice Festival in Catalonia, FoodWineTours organized a tasting of different cavas and wines from Alta Alella paired with Catalan sweet flatbreads, also known as “cocas.” Cocas are traditionally eaten in honor of the Sant Joan festival, which – at the time of publication… Read more »

The Eve of Sant Joan

The Eve of Sant Joan

The Solstice Festival in Catalonia On June 23rd, the eve of Sant Joan (St. John the Baptist), Barcelona and all of Catalonia come alive with fireworks, cava and sweet flat breads in celebration of the longest day of the year. The Catalan way of welcoming summer is one of the most deeply rooted traditions in… Read more »

Yet Another Alternative for Foodies

Casino Gourmet

The Casino Gourmet™ Experience As may already know Casino Gourmet™ is one of our star experiences, one of the most surprising activities and with one of the highest degree of satisfaction among our product portfolio. Casino Gourmet is a source of gourmet entertainment that can be used for team building, an event, an ice breaker… Read more »