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Why include Barcelona in your Wish list?

What could we say about Barcelona? We could explain many things about our city but surely we would leave many others out, so even if it is best to discover it for yourself, we want to give you a little brush of why Barcelona leaves a mark on all the people who visits it. Full… Read more »

Barcelona Gastronomic Experience Map

Dear friends, We are happy to announce that we have launched Our Barcelona Gastronomic Experience Map.  A new service that we offer to all visitors who are in our beloved city and want to live  a unique experience through gastronomy. In the map we have gathered all our Walking & Wine Tours, Tastings and Cooking… Read more »

Savour Barcelona

Our friends from #BarcelonaTurisme have launch a very interesting newsletter in September Here is an extract that features our Barcelona Tapas walking tour Discover gastronomic Barcelona and soak up one of the essential aspects of Mediterranean culture: seasonal, locally sourced produce from multi-coloured markets; tradition and creativity at all kinds of restaurants, from budget eateries… Read more »

Barcelona be a local not a tourist food tour

Food walks

Dear Friends, We are happy to announce that we have an exciting new tour starting from September 2016. With this original tour we will show you our own favorite spots in our neighborhood; and we will eat where we usually go, off the beaten path of tourists. Even if our great city of Barcelona is… Read more »

Rome Capital of Taste

Classic Italian pizza

Capital of Italy, Rome is the birthplace of the historical spread of the wine, beer and gastronomy culture and food and beverage storage systems. The Romans in fact were used to conquer new lands initially with military strategies and then with culinary and agricultural knowledge. It’s still very interesting for food lovers to study the… Read more »