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Wines that Surprise

Solertia 2008

The Solertia 2009 from Priorat Wine Region The Priorat Wine Region is a small, dynamic wine region in Catalonia, known for its intense, full-bodied red wines. The classic Priorat wine is made from old-vine Garnacha and Cariñena, with concentrated aromas of licorice and cherries. Winemaking in the area dates back to the 12th century, with… Read more »

The Beautiful Scenery of the Priorat Wine Region

Serra del Montsant Tarragona

The one-of-a-kind Montsant Denomination of Origin wines The Montsant Denomination of Origin wines are from a ring shaped territory in the Priorat Wine Region, which are part of the exquisite Priorat County, marked by dramatic mountain ranges and rugged terrain. Montsant wines are active and modern, which come from a long tradition of wine making.… Read more »

A local expert’s tips to Catalonian wine and wine tours from Barcelona

Catalonian wines and vineyards

Catalonian wines and wine tours from Barcelona Catalonia has a long tradition of winemaking that dates back to the Phoenicians who introduced winemaking to the region several hundred years before the arrival of the Romans. The Romans would later be fundamental in the development of Catalonian wine production, specifically around Tarragona (present day Priorat Wine… Read more »