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Music and Gastronomy at “ Nit de Mercats”

Local produce

Here we are with more surprises in Barcelona…. This time is a Gastronomy, Music and Art event a unique event. We are talking about the first edition of this event that mixes good food, music and art. It will take place on Saturday May 13th in three of the busiest city markets in Barcelona: the… Read more »

The Local Foodie Experience

KM0 Local Products

The Future Wave of Travel Barcelona, with its ideal Mediterranean climate has at its disposition a wealth of local products, wines, olive oil, fresh seafood, local fruits and vegetables that offer a range of flavours and experiences that will excite any foodie traveling to Barcelona. One of the key factors of the local food movement… Read more »

Why FoodWineTours is all about the experience


Because experiences lead to happiness At FoodWineTours we design experiences, not just tours, because we understand that experiences are ultimately what make us happy. Since the creation of Food Wine Tours eleven years ago, researchers have also understood that experiences are more likely than material goods to lead to happiness. The question is: Why? Experiences… Read more »

The Return of Farmers to the City

Fresh vegetables and fruits at a farmer's market

Check out the Farmers Market foodie festivities this weekend in Poble Sec On Saturday June 13, don´t miss the first Earth Market in Barcelona, at the Three Chimneys Plaza in lower Parallel Street (Poble Sec). It´s part of a pilot test to make these farmers markets a more permanent occurrence in Barcelona. At the Mercat… Read more »

A Vineyard High Above the Clouds in Catalonia

Wide vineyard shot

A Visit to Castell d’Encus Winery “Peace is the fruit of knowledge” – Domenico Cieri Estrada There isn´t a single visitor who arrives at this winery without asking themselves, what on earth would bring someone to plant vineyards in a place so unadapt such as the Talarn Mountains. Getting here isn´t an easy job, as… Read more »