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Carnival in Barcelona 2018

  Carnival “Carnaval”  is the time of joy and exuberance. This year the cold and bad weather will not stop us to go out and celebrate.!!! Carnival in Barcelona is the festival that gets most people involved. So for one week every year, the city is transformed with masked dances, parades and sardine funerals. But… Read more »

A passport for your Taste Buds: The Rise of Food Tourism across the Globe

Walking tours

Globe trekkers have endless reasons for collecting passport stamps. Perhaps they are motivated by the world’s diverse natural landscapes or the array of stunning architecture. Some travel to escape the daily grind, experience a different climate, or even find love. But among all travelers, there is one overwhelming unifier:  Food Any well seasoned traveler will… Read more »

The shortest night of the year : St. John’s Night

If you are going to stay in Barcelona for San Juan (Sain John) and do not know what to, don’t worry. This national party is celebrated in all towns and cities of Spain as one of the most important festivals of the year. It’s not a party, it is the day with more hours of… Read more »

Castanyada, All Saints’ Day or Halloween

  Pumpkins, chestnuts, Sweet potatoes, ‘huesos de santo’ (Spanish marzipan sweets), panellets (traditional Catalan sweets)… All Saints’ Day has thousands of flavours depending on the country or the region you’re celebrating in. Although for most of us, it is a day linked to the memory of our ancestors, the rituals, dishes and traditional sweets vary… Read more »

Sant Jordi Festival in Barcelona

A day of Books, Wine & Gastronomy in Tours, Tapas & Friends – Gastronomic Center in Barcelona Roses, books and love: Barcelona is full of them on 23 April. In Catalonia the Book Day is an especially romantic festivity.  People in Catalonia celebrate the day of their patron saint, Sant Jordi, with a curious tradition.… Read more »