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Undoubtedly Spain

Spanish Food

The Best Country in the World to Eat It’s unpretentious. It’s laid back. It’s casual. It’s family style. It’s affordable. It’s delicious. It’s fresh. It’s local. “Where?” You may ask. It’s undoubtedly Spain’s cuisine, and according to Australian Traveller Magazine it’s the best country to eat in the world. Five of the world’s 20 best… Read more »

Spanish Wine and Food pairings

Cheese tasting

The Mystery of Wine Pairings, Uncovered in Barcelona Wine has been a stable element of Spanish gastronomy since Roman times. Winemaking and culinary traditions have hence evolved together. However, the art of food and wine pairings is a relatively recent phenomenon, which seeks to enhance gastronomic experiences by understanding that texture and flavor in both… Read more »

The Diversity of Spain’s Cuisine

Cooking Class

Learn more at a Spanish cooking class Spanish cuisine is incredibly diverse, thanks to the range of cultures that have conquered the territory throughout history. This rich tradition along with the diverse topography of Spain makes for an incredible gastronomic variety, with the most well-known traditional Spanish dishes being paella, tapas and of course, Spanish… Read more »

The Local Foodie Experience

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The Future Wave of Travel Barcelona, with its ideal Mediterranean climate has at its disposition a wealth of local products, wines, olive oil, fresh seafood, local fruits and vegetables that offer a range of flavours and experiences that will excite any foodie traveling to Barcelona. One of the key factors of the local food movement… Read more »