In  Food Wine Tours / Ocio Vital, our philosophy is quite simple. The daily operation of our business should not impact in any negative way the environment and we should thrive to improve our destination and community.

1.      Protect environment by preventing our office and operational impacts, mitigating the inevitable impacts (including rational resources use, waste management and greenhouse gases emission) and reporting damaging practices

2.      Support the local economy, the traditions and local culture by promoting development on the communities hosting the operation, stimulating a proper interpretation of cultural heritage and supporting local values.

3.      Reject business related to illegal trafficking, illicit substance use, sexual

4.      Safeguard people (customers, staff, suppliers and others) maintaining proper safety practices and emergency plans.

5.      Involve tourists on the hereby presented commitments and best practices, as required or applicable on their itinerary.

Over all we maintain a belief that the environment and nature should benefit from, not suffer from tourism and the experience market.

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism consists on providing direct and/or indirect benefits to the communities that are visited. Whenever it is possible, this is done through sustainable activities that protect the environment and the participation in social projects that help local communities and protected areas, always providing a high quality service.

Being sustainable on a trip doesn’t mean sacrificing the quality of the stay nor the travel plans. It basically consists on planning the visit in a more conscientious way.

We firmly believe the communities visited must get a direct benefit, whenever possible, through the sustainable trips, environment protection, and social projects.

Our contribution to create a sustainable experience

In our Offices

  • We have chosen a green energy supplier
  • The cleaning services are done by people with intellectual disabilities and / or mental health problems …
  • No single use plastics are used
  • We reuse as much as possible and when is no longer possible we recycle it
  • We try to operate in a paperless environment
  • The company avoids gas emissions, damage to the environment, and pollution.
  • We carry out different activities that involve sustainability

In our tours

  • We promote the country as well as the importance of protecting the natural resources. Wine Tourism helps the environment by sustaining the farmers and producer who work in the vineyards
  • The size of the groups is limited in order to minimize the impact of visitors.
  • Our clients are given opportunity to participate in conservation initiatives and communal development.
  • We promote the traditions of the country as well as the consumption of national products, meals, and crafts
  • We promote the visit to biodynamic and biological wineries

In our Activities

  • We promote LOCAL producers, using local ingredients
  • We promote local restaurants using traditional dishes using seasonal produce
  • When we can we prefer to work with producers using biodynamic and biological methods


  • We try to buy all supplies, food and drinks for our tours locally, to small business and with local produced products
  • We contribute to fundraising actions
  • When we commute of travel
  • We  preference public transport to driving
  • We  preference trains over planes when travelling for business, where appropriate
  • When we need to fly, we try to choose airlines that offer a carbon neutral offset


  • We maintain the ABTA standards, hereby we will not ever sell a bullfight or use venues where animals are mistreated in any way
  • We will never promote tour operators or experience providers that benefit from animal captivity or exploitation
  • We  will never partner with businesses that partner with tour operators or experience providers that exploit animals for profit

General Information to be a sustainable traveler

  • When planning a trip, select the suppliers that offer quality guarantees and respect for human and environmental rights.
  • During your trip, enjoy exploring the culture, customs, gastronomy, and traditions of the local towns. Please be respectful and try to get become familiar with them. You will discover many interesting things.
  • Use natural resources such as water and energy with moderation. Remember they are non-renewable resources.
  • Try to reduce the production of solid wastes since they are a source of pollution.
  • When you need to discard any piece of trash, do it in the proper cleanest way. Always consider recycling.
  • In a natural space, please make sure the only print you left is your footprint.
  • When buying souvenirs and gifts, look for those that are a true reflection of the local culture. It will benefit the economy of the visited towns and will also promote cultural diversity.
  • Do not purchase any piece of flora or fauna, especially those species protected by the International Commerce Agreement of Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna. It is against the law, and your action will contribute to their extinction.
  • Try to contribute with the development of the responsible and sustainable tourism while you travel, as a way to protect the planet.