“Calçot” season

  The calçot is a long variety of white onion traditionally grown in certain areas of Tarragona, although it is now cultivated in almost all of Catalonia. It is the most well-known dish of the city of Valls (Tarragona), and is indisputably a key component of popular Catalan gastronomy.

Christmas in Catalonia

  In Catalonia, the key dates are Christmas Day and Boxing Day (St. Stephen’s Day). On these days, tables brim with delicious traditional Christmas dishes. Galets soup (shell-shaped pasta), carn d’olla (meat and vegetable broth) and pilota (ground minced beef, with eggs and breadcrumbs), take centre stage as the main dishes on Christmas Day. On… Read more »

Autumnal Spanish cuisine

The countdown to winter has begun. These pre-Christmas months serve up a great variety of dishes due to a wide range of new foods gifted to us by nature. Therefore, we don’t want to say farewell to autumn without offering up recipes with traditional Spanish seasonal products.

Castanyada, All Saints’ Day or Halloween

  Pumpkins, chestnuts, Sweet potatoes, ‘huesos de santo’ (Spanish marzipan sweets), panellets (traditional Catalan sweets)… All Saints’ Day has thousands of flavours depending on the country or the region you’re celebrating in. Although for most of us, it is a day linked to the memory of our ancestors, the rituals, dishes and traditional sweets vary… Read more »