About Us

About the Founders of Food Wine Tours

We are Manuel Colmenero and Eva Linares, founders of Food Wine Tours (Ocio Vital group), lovers of wine, gastronomy, travel, the good life and our gorgeous capital city of Barcelona, which is home to the Mediterranean, incomparable cuisine and a wealth of gastronomic experiences just waiting to be discovered.

Together we have over 45 years of experience in the tourism sector. Our professional relationship began in TUI as directors in a trip in Paris that would change the direction of our careers when we decided to co-found Food Wine Tours and Ocio Vital.

Manuel is a travel and food lover, as well as expert on wine tourism in Spain, author of the book, Rutas del Vino, Bodegas de España para visitar y recomendar (3rd prize winner in the Gourmand Awards 2013), and member of the prestigious wine brotherhood, el Serenisimo Capítulo del Vino. He is an eco-gastronomist and a defender of sustainability.

Eva’s passion for travel started as a child, taking her first transcontinental trip at 4 months. She has lived in Colombia, Germany, the Dominican Republic, the United States and various cities in Spain. She’s also passionate about gastronomy, having taken cooking classes at the prestigious culinary school in Barcelona, the Hoffman Institute. For Eva, sharing food is the best way to know other cultures. Food Wine Tours unites her two passions, travel and gastronomy in one.

Why did we start Food Wine Tours?

Food Wine Tours was founded in the framework of the emerging gastronomic boom that began in Spain at the turn of the millennium. As experts in our field we wanted to bring people closer to the rich gastronomy found in Spain. Through a philosophy based on the principles of the Slow Food Movement founded in Italy by Carlo Petrini, we are dedicated to bringing together people with the culture and gastronomy in our beautiful country.

Food Wine Tours is born from that idea that leisure experiences surrounding gastronomy could be transformed into not only activities for friends, hen and stag parties, and other special events, but also as a way of bringing professionals together for team buildings, corporate events, meetings, incentives, culinary tours and a catalogue of experiences you can only begin to imagine.

Food Wine Tours, like a good wine pairing, is the perfect synergy between need and pleasure, we combine our touristic experience with the best in local gastronomy. We feed your body and spirit and guarantee your well-being, seeking to use local and organic products from our rich Mediterranean land. Slow Food is not only a way of life for us; it’s the way we work: consciousness, commitment and cooperation. Everything we do, we do with a gastronomic touch.
We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, so if you don’t find what you are looking for, we will help you create it. It is this very commitment to perfection that has led us to win the first place price as the best wine and gastronomic experiences company in Spain.

Welcome to Spain, a food lover’s paradise.

Nowadays five of the world’s top 20 best restaurants are in Spain, including the number one, El Celler de Can Roca. Spain’s northern city of San Sebastian, located in the Basque Country has more Michelin stars per capita than any place on earth. Australian Traveller Magazine has called Spain the Best Country in the World for Food, and we agree.

This year we are expanding our knowhow of other countries, such as France, Italia, Germany, Argentina, and Chile to bring you the very best they have to offer in Gastronomy, Wine and tourism