Why include Barcelona in your Wish list?

What could we say about Barcelona? We could explain many things about our city but surely we would leave many others out, so even if it is best to discover it for yourself, we want to give you a little brush of why Barcelona leaves a mark on all the people who visits it.

Full of contrasts, cosmopolitan and open to the world, it offers endless possibilities for any traveler: the foodie, the executive, the family, the adventurous backpacker, families,… Barcelona has so many faces that it’s like many Cities in one!

Most of the tourism is carried away by the most well-known part of museums such as the Picasso, historical buildings such as La Pedrera, parks like the Parc Güell or basilicas like La Sagrada Familia … the most important icons of Barcelona. But, we like tourists to feel local and we want to recommend small visits to sites, which you will not find in a guide.

These sites stand out in our tours, one of them is San Felipe Neri square, a romantic and at the same time dramatic place as it stands on the old medieval cemetery of Montjuic of the Bishop, destroyed during the Spanish Civil War.

Secondly for visitors who always look for green areas in the cities, we can find the gardens of the University of Barcelona. In this site we can discover the university life of Barcelona in the core of the city, and also relax in one of the banks surrounded by in green trees and the noise of water from some of the fountains that are inside the park.
We will always find couples in love or just locals resting with a good reading.

The third place on our list is the Carmelo bunkers.
A beautiful viewpoint, away from the city, until now very unknown, where we can see the whole city from up above. A viewpoint previously only frequented by the young people of the neighborhood, nowadays is a must for any Barcelona lover.

And the reasons for falling in love are not and will be not exhausted. Barcelona is large but easy to visit, a perfect city to walk. For this reason, some of the tours we always recommend are the gastronomic tours on foot, as they will allow you to know the unusual corners of the city while you taste some delicious tapas or a nice local wine.

And for all those of you who wish to explore all its surroundings, an hour away there are great landscapes to discover. Our wine tours will bring you to them and to the people who has kept them authentic.

So do not think about it, and let us show you why we love this city so much, and we’ll prove it with one of our gastronomic tours.
We are sure you will not regret it !.

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