The shortest night of the year : St. John’s Night

If you are going to stay in Barcelona for San Juan (Sain John) and do not know what to, don’t worry. This national party is celebrated in all towns and cities of Spain as one of the most important festivals of the year.

It’s not a party, it is the day with more hours of the year. It is “la Verbena de San Joan”, verbena being a street party

We light bonfires to burn what we want to forget, we have firecrackers and fireworks, we spend the night with family and friends, and we also drink cava and eat San Juan coca, the typical sweet of the day.

Coca de San Joan is sweet pastry with candied fruits and pine nuts, typical of Catalan summer solsticecelebration

Where canyou go to enjoy the verbena? There are a lot of options in a wonderful city like Barcelona. You can enjoy the best restaurants if we you don’t feel like making dinner at home, you can dance in the clubs or go for a walk in the street, to see all the fireworks and bonfires.

You can also get away from it all by seeing the beautiful views from the top of Tibidabo Mountain or from the Carmelo Búnquers.

Our favorite option is to go to Barceloneta beach, very busy that night, or you can go to the Mar Bella beach, a more quiet option.

The important thing is to have fun with the people we love the most, it’s the beginning of summer, a good time to rest and to get new ideas for next year full of work and study.

Let’s take advantage of it, and let’s get carried away, the fun is assured.

In all our tours on the 23rd of June, we will have Coca de San Joan for all our guests to taste. Try it on the Barcelona Tapas Walking Tour, Barcelona Food Lovers walking tour and on the Chocolate: The Sweet walking Tour.

A delicious and different way to enjoy the city of Barcelona.

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