Long live to tourist who want to feel at home

SHBarcelona, an innovative company with a unique, new idea of tourist accommodations has recommended our services in and from Barcelona. We are proud to share the success of our Company with you.
As many experts in the field recently highlighted, accommodations in tourist destinations are becoming an increasingly important market. We have always said that only the accommodations that  “follow the rules” will survive, but sometimes there may be the need for a change of point of view.
Being different doesn’t necessarily mean going in the wrong direction. That trend shift is allowing tourists to access to a wider choice of traditional accommodation at an affordable price. Since modern travelers are becoming more and more knowledgeable about the destinations they choose, looking for authentic experience. Thus, this kind of accommodation can reflect exactly what they are looking for.
Many people think that this type of accommodations will damage the hotel sector, but we firmly believe no one should be afraid for acting for the sake of giving a better service. Customers’ satisfaction comes first, and so does the quality of the services we can offer them. The strength of the brand comes with it. There will always be new competitors, it is positive for the city. The tourists will continue to come to see new things, also because they know that they have a lot of choices.
That’s why we love ideas like this, risk to win. We wish them a long life in the business

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