Autumnal Spanish cuisine

The countdown to winter has begun. These pre-Christmas months serve up a great variety of dishes due to a wide range of new foods gifted to us by nature. Therefore, we don’t want to say farewell to autumn without offering up recipes with traditional Spanish seasonal products.

Autumn goes a step further: the cold sets in and we crave spoonfuls of hot food. The low temperatures also mean we need to eat more calorific foods than in summer, but there are several vegetables that appear in October, which is the time of the year with the widest range of products: chestnuts, sweet potato, pumpkins, pulses, dried fruits, sprouts, etc.

Above all, it’s the season of mushrooms and truffles: foods that boast both medicinal and culinary properties, and which allow the creation of thousands of different recipes. In rainy seasons, harvests are richer, but we need to know them well and how to distinguish between them. Otherwise, we risk poisoning ourselves. The most common in our region are: the Amanita cesarea, or Caesar’s mushroom, with a gentle smell and sweet taste, the Boleto edulis, also known as porcini or cep, which can be eaten raw or cooked, rovellones, common in Catalonia, the trompeta amarilla, or Yellow Foot, highly rated by foodies, the trompeta de los muertos, or Cantharellus cinereus, and gurumelos, with a distinctive, intense flavour from Andalusia.

pumpkin-1768857_1920Concerning fruit, it should be noted that this is the best time of the year for citric products (mandarins, lemons and oranges), and for quinces (great for jams and desserts), pomegranates and custard apples, in addition to nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, etc.

It is also the best season for game meat: rabbit, wild boar, deer, partridge and swine. Many traditional seasonal recipes are prepared in stews with mushrooms, artichokes and chestnuts. New flavours to add to the dishes, making them tastier and healthier.

We suggest a set of dishes and recipes that make our cuisine, thanks to seasonal products, a unique experience for your taste buds.

Take note, these are 8 recipes that you can’t miss!


Sweet potato risotto with goat’s cheese (rice, onion, bacon, white wine, sweet potato and goat’s cheese).

Chestnuts with rabbit (dry chestnuts, white beans, onion, artichokes and rabbit).

Mushrooms in tempura with garlic mayonnaise sauce (alioli).

Galician stew (chick peas, white cabbage, potato, chorizo, ham, bacon and ribs).

Pumpkin soup (leek, pumpkin, potato and carrot).

Baked rovellones with pork.

Chicken in sauce (sauce prepared with chestnuts, almonds, grated truffle and ham shavings).

And for dessert…

Chestnut cake with chocolate! (egg, cream, chestnut puree, biscuits and chestnut jam)

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