Amarone wine, the nectar of the gods

The name of this tasty red wine, Amarone, comes from the word “bitter”, with which the dry red wine from the Verona area of Valpolicella, that literally means Valley of many wineries.
The sweet version, called Recioto della Valpolicella, is made from the same grape varieties (Corvina, Rondinella e Molinara) harvested very ripe and left to dry before being pressed, so it has a higher concentration of sugar in the berries.
The “bitter wine” was mentioned in the time of Catullus (about 49 BC, calices amarories), but it’s only after a lucky discovery early in the twentieth century that the name stands up thanks to the enthusiasm of a winemaker that finding a barrel of sweet Recioto forgotten in the cellar exclaimed surprised “this is not an Amaro, it’s an Amarone!”. In fact, the wine had turned from sweet to dry as a result of the uncontrolled fermentation of all the sugars into alcohol generating a structured wine never below of 14 vol.
A very fortunate mistake that led to the improvement of a wine that is today considered a status symbol, usually called a wine for meditation, with a price that in some cases reach the figures of prestigious Bordeaux chateau, to the point that many have tried to reproduce a fake version of it around the world, with no luck happily for Amarone wine makers.
Nowadays, there are strict production rules and, all bottles are marked and numbered, even if it’s an exported wine.

Anyways, the best places to savor it remain the fascinating hills of Verona area where it is produced.

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