Vermouth: not just an aperitif, a local way of life


Find out what the buzz is all about

You may be wondering, what´s all this talk about vermouth. What´s the big deal? In trend-setting Barcelona, vermouth has always been in, but what´s all the buzz about? Read on to find out!

Internationally speaking vermouth is about as cool as Cointreau or Mike´s hard lemonade. But as per usual Barcelona locals are ahead of the trends.

What a few years ago and until recently was all about a gin and tonic infused with cardamom or other interesting combinations of spices, has now turned into vermouth with olives and orange slices, accompanied by a wide range of typical snacks.

Let´s get this straight, the snacks eaten with vermouth are not tapas –those little Spanish nibbles which somehow sneak up on you, turning a snack into a meal—instead vermouth snacks are simply enough to get the digestive juices flowing prior to a long, late Catalan lunch.

Don`t be surprised if along with a glass of vermouth, you see people eating seafood from a tin which tastes surprisingly delicious. We could chalk it up to that spicy, vinegar-based sauce known as Salsa Espinaler that is typical at vermuterias (Spanish for a bar where you have a vermouth and traditional snack), that sauce sprinkled on potato chips, canned seafood could pretty much make anything taste better.

What used to be old man bars with beer, wine and vermouth served on tap, are now full of hipsters having an aperitif before Sunday lunch or an after work drink. Hipsters and oldsters now coexist in the same spots. Don´t get us wrong, a bunch of new hip vermuterias have definitely sprung up among the city to meet the new demand, but there´s nothing like an authentic vermuteria to introduce you to the tradition.

That´s where your local experts at FoodWineTours come in, we´ve chosen the ¨it¨ spots for vermouth, a mix of both traditional and unconventional places to introduce you to this fascinating local custom. Check out our Barcelona Alternative Tapas Tour: The Traditional Vermouth and experience vermouth like a local.

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