Terroir without compromise – A Tasting with Lagravera

Lush vineyards

The Inspirational wines of D.O. Costers Del Segre

The Denomination of Origen Costers Del Segre founded in 1986, knows how to impress in an innovative way.Wines with their very own characteristic style are produced in an area which has always been far away from the large trading roots of Spain. It was the first region in Catalonia, where international varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay were introduced to increase the range of autochthonous grapes.

In honour of this region and in respect for the enormous commitment necessary to make biodynamic wines, Food Wine Tours organised a fascinating tasting with the young team of Celler Lagravera.

“Lagravera [The gravel pit] is earth, gravel and grapes. It has developed from a former gravel pit into a unique vineyard, representing the evolution from earth to gravel and from gravel to the grape.”

Wine, Nature and Philosophy have always been in a close relationship. Taking a stand for the preservation of the natural equilibrium in the vineyard, the young and ambitious winemaker and the team work have worked with biodynamic wines since five years ago.

Biodynamic means seeing the growth of the vines, soil fertility and living organisms as a whole interrelated system. With the inclusion of the anthroposophist philosophy based on the practical suggestions by Dr. Rudolph Steiner, nutrition, quality and sustainability of the vineyard is enhanced. That means for example the complete abdication of artificial chemicals on plant and soil, as well as the incubation of preparations made from herbs, minerals and fermented manure. The majority of the procedures in the vineyards are done by hand to enhance and ensure a high quality final product.

The results are individual, characteristic wines and representing their origin without compromise. The consequent commitment of Lagravera in the elaboration of their products fascinated the participants and made the wine tasting at KM.0- Tapas and Friends an inspiring event.

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